Embrace The Basics

By August 15, 2019 blog

Hop on Social Media and you’ll quickly see the newest workout fad, quick-fix diet, or supplement that we all should buy. I’ve certainly found myself trying out the next best thing on occasion. If nothing else, I want to form an official opinion on it. But really… I think it boils down to sometimes the variety, or change, is nice. If there is one thing I’ve started to realize in training (ok fine… in life, too) it is that success is made in the slow cooker… not the microwave.

More often than not, the new quick solution is anything but quick and anything but a solution. Variety may be the spice of life y’all… but sometimes we don’t need much more than a little salt & pepper. I believe it boils down to this:

Squat. Hinge. Push. Pull.

How well and how often are we performing those movements?

But that’s only 4 things! I’m going to get bored! You’re right – you might. But again… success is made in the slow cooker not the microwave.

As we learn to embrace the boredom (yeah, I said it) of mastering these foundational skills in our training, I’m willing to bet this will carry over to so many other aspects of our lives.