Coach Julia’s Infamous Green Smoothie

By February 8, 2021 blog
Note: A good blender is an absolute must, or else you’ll be eating chunks of spinach…
2 cups spinach
1/2- 1 cup assorted frozen fruit (The less you use the more “green” it will taste. Mango, strawberry, pineapple, banana. Blueberries and blackberries will turn your green smoothie into a brown smoothie, but it still tastes nice.)
1 tbsp chia seeds
1 tbsp ground flax
1 – 1.5 cups water
Blend for a solid 2 minutes. This way it’ll be silky smooth. I also don’t drink this as a meal replacement, but as a way to get my greens in the morning! I like to have this alongside some eggs and a piece of toast. Perfect breakfast!