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The CardioSTRONG guide includes 24 workouts, ranging from 20-40 minutes in duration, designed to be fun and effective! These are great for anyone who wants to mix things up with some new conditioning ideas! Click here to purchase!

What’s included:

  • 6 workouts requiring only bodyweight and kettlebells/dumbbells that are easy to do from home
  • 8 workouts requiring bodyweight + minimal equipment such as kettlebells/dumbbells, TRX/rings, jump rope, medicine ball, sandbag and/or plyo box
  • 10 workouts requiring minimal equipment + a rower or air bike
  • A link to demo videos so if you come across something new, you’ll be able to see exactly how to do it

Note: A single workout typically requires 1 -3 pieces of equipment, not all equipment listed above.

Check out this sneak peak of the table of contents! Click here to purchase!


ALL sales from this guide benefit Girls on the Run St. Louis, an after-school program designed to inspire girls of all abilities to recognize and embrace their inner strength. Learn more at

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Here’s an example of one of the fun, fast and effective workouts from CardioSTRONG…


You’ll need a kettlebell, and a pair of kettlebells or dumbbells.

Perform this circuit every 2 minutes for 10 rounds. The time that is left in the 2 minutes is your break before beginning the next round.
Burpee x 5
Push Press x 10
Mountain Climber x 15
Kettlebell Swing x 20
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