Better With a Buddy

By May 31, 2022 blog
Many of our DFT members participated in a Step into Spring challenge – they worked to get so many steps within a particular time frame.  It’s a great way to get some extra movement in and have some fun!
I saw lots of our members meeting up before/after class or on the weekends to walk together.  Love it!!
Sometimes fitness stuff is better with a buddy…or two or three or a class full of your fave Dragonfly folks!  It helps with accountability, it can be a motivator, and it just makes it more enjoyable (nobody wants to do bear crawls alone!).
I’m often working out solo, doing my own stuff. However, I find that if I’m getting bored or am losing motivation, it helps to join up with another coach or three, or a friend. That might mean working out together at the studio or that might mean doing the same program with a friend that’s 1000 miles away. Find a buddy or a gym (Dragonfly is pretty cool!) that helps keep your fitness fun!