August Member of the Month

By August 20, 2021 Uncategorized
Congrats to August Member of the Month, Alana!
Alana is very focused during class, but she’s also very much a great team player! If she sees or hears another member having a tough time, she’s great at offering up an empathetic ear or a tip she’s used in a similar situation. She’s partnered with another member to help them with their rowing pace during Hurricanes and has on more than one occasion stepped up to do a finisher twice so everyone has a buddy!
Here’s a little more about Alana…
What did your fitness journey look like before coming to Dragonfly?
I have always identified as an athlete. I played team sports in high school and for the club team at university as well as intramurals. My first degree is a BS in Exercise Science because I was told to choose a major I’d love! I also worked at our University’s Rec Center and called it a second home. But I did an internship in Cardiac Rehab and decided to get my BSN after graduating. I completed a couple of half marathons and a full marathon while I worked at a local running store, and continued playing team sports on adult teams recreationally until my husband and I moved abroad where I picked up organized soccer again in the Kreisliga of the DFB. When I returned with a young baby, I decided I needed to do something for me so I joined Dragonfly. To me, fitness before Dragonfly was always aerobic training through running or team sports. I never did any organized strength training consistently.
What’s your favorite exercise or equipment to use these days?
I really like rowing whether it’s sprint or distance. KB training, MB slams, and prowler pushes are also at the top of my list.
Have you noticed any unexpected effects from your training?
When I re-joined Dragonfly, my work schedule allowed me to prioritize my training, and I was able to build strength through consistency in Dragonfly’s 8-week strength program which I had never done (I think that’s the surprising part). My hip mobility has also greatly improved! I couldn’t even hinge when I first joined. If you know the Dragonfly community, you know that being in the gym is like being with a team.
What has been your most memorable personal record or accomplishment in the gym?
A sub 1:50 min 500 m row, and of recent, 3, :45 second rounds of an L-stand with good form NO crutches! It was a long road. I’d still like to master push ups.
Bonus – What is a fun fact about yourself that we might be surprised to hear?
Dogs were my first “kids” and we fostered for several years for a local rescue before moving abroad. And after living abroad I can speak a bit of German.