Are You Grounded?

By June 21, 2019 blog

Let’s talk about where good positions start… and for nearly every movement it is at the FEET! Perhaps you’ve heard me mention a “tripod” foot in some of the Lift classes. I’d like to go into a little more detail on just what that means so you ALL can apply this to our practices in the classes.

Your foot should have a natural arch to it – and that is only possible when we have 3 points of contact: the base of our big toe, the base of our pinky toe, and the heel. Think of your foot as a tricycle! There should be equal pressure across all three points of contact.

When we perform movements like squats (single leg OR both legs) we need and want our feet to be stable to maintain this natural arch. When our foot falls out of this position, or the arch collapses, we lose a lot stability.

The practice of the “tripod foot” can be immediately translated to things like Single Leg Box Squats, Reverse Lunges, Step ups… and basically anytime you squat!

Give this a shot:

      • Take your shoes off

      • Assume your squat stance

      • As you are in your squat, squeeze your glutes and drive your knees OUT while keeping the base of your big toe in contact with the ground. Notice your feet – you should have created a natural arch in your foot.

      • Hold this position and do your best to not let the arch collapse while maintaining your “tripod” foot.

See if you can begin to be more mindful of how our feet play a role in what we do – feel free to take your shoes off and see how big of a difference you notice when you’re in a Lift class next time!