All Kinds Of Strong

By July 26, 2019 blog


When folks talk about being strong I feel like they often go to “who can deadlift the most weight” or “who can run a 7-minute mile”….things like that.  Spending my time coaching at Dragonfly, I am lucky enough to see strength in many forms all the time!  Things like sticking with a fitness routine for longer than they have ever gone to a gym before, or stepping way outside their comfort zone and shooting for a PR on a movement that 6 months ago, they’d never even tried before.  Lifting heavier stuff is usually on that list, too. 🙂

I asked a few of our members to share something that they can do now that maybe they couldn’t do before (or now they are better at) and here’s what they had to say.


Allie H.:

During one session of CardioStrong I truly did not think I would be able to keep up. I was trying a slightly heavier dumbbell during this class, and was so intimidated by the 21 push presses in a row. Well lo and behold I DID keep up. I felt so strong!







Amy G.:

When I started, I had zero cardio ability. Recently, I had to run home with my dog in the rain — and discovered I was not winded despite the distance!  And I HATE running! And…when I started, I could only hang from the bar for a little while. Now, I can do 1 chin up…if I get a little jumpstart 😀







Julia B.:

When I first started I couldn’t walk one mile without stopping and now I can complete a 5k, an 8k, and train for a 10k….
Also, when I first started at Dragonfly, never in a million years did I think I could stick with an exercise program for more than a few months and now three years later (next month) it’s a big disappointment when I have to miss my Monday and Wednesday workouts because the coaches never give up on me and are always encouraging even on my bad days.





Jen T: That’s easy: When I started, I couldn’t do floor burpees. I’d get lightheaded so I’d do
them on an incline. But I kept at it and now ALL my burpees are floor burpees! And I did 50 of them in
this morning’s workout!







Stephanie Matthews:
When I joined 2 years ago I had a difficult time getting on and off the rower and was lucky if I could
finish 500M in 3 minutes. Now I can get off and on with ease and during the Spring PR challenge I beat
my only PR of 2:10 not once but twice and ended at 1:57!