We offer additional coaching support for women who train or want to train on their own. For more information, email renah@dft-stl.com.


We agree that doing something is better than nothing, but doing random workouts that were created for someone else is not a long-term strategy for anyone. It’s important to find things that work for your body and know how to do them correctly.

If you’re always wondering if you are doing movements right. f you aren’t seeing results from your training. Or if you are constantly ending up injured… It is likely because you don’t have a plan, have poor form or maybe you just aren’t doing the right things.

Our 30 Day Fitness Foundation Program offers you the opportunity to work with a coach short-term to solve your training questions and problems so you can get stronger and start training with confidence again!

Build a strong foundation with proper coaching. During four one-on-one training sessions*, we’ll:

  • Teach you basic foundational movements (squat, deadlift, push-up, pull-up, press, lunge, row, core)
  • Teach you additional movements you would like to incorporate into your training
  • Show you the difference between great form and poor form, and why doing movements correctly is so important.
  • Help you work around any injuries and tightness.

* One per week. May be done via Zoom or in-person.

During your personal fitness planning session, we’ll create a personalized 8-week plan together based on your goals and training tools you have available. (Bodyweight, dumbbells, etc.)

Best of all, you’ll have access to a coach for 30 days for all of your questions and you’ll head back into training on your own stronger and with more confidence!



We love personal distance coaching because it gives us the opportunity to serve women who either aren’t currently in St. Louis, are not quite ready to return to the gym or who may want to train on their own with the help of a coach.

  • We create a training plan for clients, based on specific goals and needs.
  • Clients execute workouts on their own and updates training log weekly so we can change or progress training as needed.
  • We also request specific videos to review form.
  • In addition to weekly email check-ins, we chat every two weeks with clients to discuss training and any changes that need to be made.

Distance coaching is perfect for anyone who has some experience training and wants/needs to train on their own, but also wants a smart plan to follow, accountability, and access to a coach.