Activity of Daily Living Tip

By May 23, 2022 blog

By Coach Denise


I hear a lot of people say that their back is hurting, but they don’t think they did it while they were exercising.  Several of our ADL’s (Activity of Daily Living) can cause discomfort or even injury.  How do you pick up your toddler?  How do you pick up the clutter on the floor or something you just dropped?  With the warmer weather, many of us will want to get outside and start working in our yards and gardens.  We need to be mindful of a flat back even when we aren’t in “training mode.”

In the first picture, you see that I’m picking up those fun sweet gum balls while bending at the waist. This is going to eventually cause me lower back pain. In the second picture, I am pushing my butt back and bending a little more at the knees. This is more comfortable and causes no discomfort or pain after I stand up.

It may seem like this is too much effort, but once it becomes a habit, you will notice that it isn’t more effort and it’s a lot better for your back.