8 Ways To Eat Better On The Go

By June 9, 2019 blog


Whether you’re running errands, road tripping or on a longer vacation, we’ve got you covered with some tips to help you eat better on the go!

  1. Pack a snack or ten. Some ideas include nuts and seeds, fresh fruit, raw veggies. canned tuna, quality protein bar, protein powder & PB2 (add water), beef jerky.

  2. Make yourself a decent gas station meal. Details here.

  3. If you’re staying in a hotel or house with a fridge, head to the nearest grocery store. Stock up on pre-made salads, veggies and hummus, deli meat and fruit.

  4. At restaurants your best bet is a protein and veggies. Do the best with what you have. Ask your server about options.

  5. Do your research ahead of time and find healthier restaurants or restaurants with more options.

  6. Aim for a little better instead of perfect.

  7. Eat slowly and until you’re 80% full.

  8. Decide on your minimums, like at least two servings of vegetables per day.   

Most importantly though decide ahead of time if your intentions are to eat better or to relax your eating a little bit, especially if you are on vacation. Setting your intentions ahead of time can really help with your attitude, mood and mindset — before, during and after!!