We’re looking for 6 strong women to join the next session of our Strong Women Training Tribe! Dates TBA!

We’re looking for 6 women who want to increase strength and learn how to properly use the barbell. Our 6-week Strong Women program can help you with specific strength goals and fat loss, and give you the confidence to approach fitness in a new and challenging way.

This program is perfect if you are newer to strength training or if you have some experience with the barbell but aren’t quite sure if you’re performing movements correctly. It’s perfect if you want the attention of personal training but still want the fun and camaraderie of a group.

The main focus of the program will be the squat, deadlift, press, and row. You’ll learn proper technique, and your coach will help you progress through the 6 weeks with a personal training plan.

You will also learn:

• Other movements that will complement your barbell training
• How to progress your weight training
• How to add in conditioning  (enter barbell complexes)
• How to properly fuel your training
• How to navigate any gym with confidence

Strong Women Training Tribe

Dates for next session TBA

6-week program (6 sessions)

Cost: $119


Open to members and non-members. Members, ask us about your discount!

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