You’ve tried dieting over and over. 30 days of this and 30 days of that.

In our experience, lifetime transformations don’t happen in 30 days.

Real transformation takes time, and effort.

If you are ready for real change, read on. (The next program will begin January 2019.)


What can I expect from the program?

                      No Dieting: For real, this is not a diet. We won’t be counting calories or restricting food.

A Change In Mindset: What you say to yourself is important. You’ll discover what story you’ve been telling yourself about your health and fitness…and then you’ll change it one step at a time.

More Energy: What you eat matters. Live life fully with more energy. You will learn how food affects your energy and even your mood.

Weight Loss: Bonus! It won’t be fast, but stick with it and you’ll end the loss/gain cycle for good. Learn how to maintain a healthy lifestyle while enjoying the things you love.

Accountability: You won’t be alone. You’ll have a coach and a group of other ladies on this journey with you. What you’ll find is that everyone struggles with nutrition, but with the right support and tools you can overcome those struggles.

24/7 Access: Since all of your lessons are online, you have access to them anytime – no matter where you are.

Cancel Anytime & Our Money Back Guarantee: We highly recommend that you stick with the program for 12 months in order to get the best results, but we know that may seem hard to commit to right now when you haven’t yet started. That’s why you can cancel the program at any time. We also offer a Money Back Guarantee:  If you aren’t satisfied with the program and your results after 90 days or more, we will refund your money as long as you have 80% compliance in the program. We believe in this program and it works for those willing to put forth the effort.

What is the Functional Nutrition & Lifestyle Coaching Program exactly?

Before we tell you more about what the program is, let us first tell you what it is not:

It is not a quick fix program or a fad. It is not a magic pill. It is not a cleanse or a detox. It is not a meal plan. If you are looking for any of these things, then this program is not for you.

This program is only for those who are ready to make a real change in their life. It’s for those that are ready to say “I am worth it” and are willing to invest in themselves. It’s for those that will put in the effort required to get the results they desire. This is a client-centered program that will help you build a foundation of healthy habits one at a time, with the help of an online program and a dedicated coach.

What does the program include? This 12-month habit based coaching program is powered by the world-class Precision Nutrition ProCoach curriculum. You’ll receive daily lessons and habits, can track your progress, and get all the feedback and support you will need from your coach and group – all online. That’s daily lessons and check-ins, 24/7 online coach availability, and private Facebook group access. 

Why habits? Why not a meal plan?  While a meal plan sounds like a great option, in reality they just don’t work for most people. Meal plans don’t teach you how to make changes for yourself or how to understand more about how food affects your body. Most are unrealistic, which is why people rarely follow them for more than a few days. Instead of just telling you what to eat, this program will give you the skills and daily habits required to eat well every day, regardless of what life throws at you. This program will make you think about how emotion and habits are affecting your food choices. This program will help you take responsibility for your actions.

Why do I need a coach?  Your nutrition coach will provide you with expertise and accountability throughout the program, and will be there to answer your questions and provide you with timely feedback. You’ll have unlimited email support 24/7, and the option for in-person coaching. Your coach will personalize the program for you, according to your goals and lifestyle.

What’s the program look like on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis?

Every Day: You’ll log into your homepage for your daily lesson and to review your habit. You’ll also have access to your coach for questions.

Every Week: You’ll measure and record your progress (in different ways).

Every Two Weeks: You’ll get a new habit to practice.

Every Month: You’ll upload a photo to track your progress.

We’ll also have fun and optional group outings like a grocery store tour, potluck and movie night.

When does it start? The next St. Louis nutrition coaching program starts in January 2019.

What’s the investment? The cost for the program is just $99 per month, $79 per month for members. Payments are auto-charged once per month for the duration of your commitment. You may cancel anytime. We also offer a Money Back Guarantee. If you aren’t satisfied with the program and your results after at least 90 days, we will refund your money. 80% compliance required.

If you’d like extra accountability and guidance, you have the opportunity to purchase 2 – 30 minute in-person coaching sessions anytime during the program for just $59.  You can purchase up to 6 depending upon your goals.

Do I need to live in the area? You don’t! Since the program is all online you can access it from anywhere, and also arrange additional meetings with your coach via phone or Skype.

What do I do next? You’ll just need to apply for the program. This helps to ensure that the program is a good fit for you. Once your application is received, your coach will contact you to set up a phone call in order to review it and answer any questions you may have about the program. You can find the online application at the bottom of this page.

Contact Renah Jones at 314.932.7747 or renah@dft-stl.com with any questions. Please note that this program is for anyone 18 years or older.

Read some of our testimonials here.

Log in to the online program anywhere and anytime, whenever it is convenient for you.

 You’ll have a new habit every two weeks. The program helps you track your habits daily – simply check yes or no.

 You’ll receive feedback from your Coach, and you can contact your Coach anytime with questions!

Program Kick-Off (TBD)

We’ll go over everything you need to know about the program during our program kick-off!  We’ll review the program curriculum so you know what to expect, show you how to do your measurements and photos, and you’ll get to meet other ladies participating in the program!  You’ll also get a calendar of our optional group outings – all focused on nutrition.

About your coach: Led by Renah Jones, Dragonfly owner and Precision Nutrition Level 2 Certified. Renah is one of a few Level 2 Precision Nutrition Certified professionals in Missouri and has followed the system for more than ten years. She has been through the 12-month online ProCoach Program as a client, in addition to spending more than two years in Precision Nutrition certification programs. What she loves the most about Precision Nutrition is the approach: it’s sane and simple nutrition for anyone and everyone that also addresses other aspects of life and how that affects our habits.

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