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At Dragonfly Fitness, we believe that creating real change and lasting results truly takes time. This is not a quick fix program or a fad. It’s for those that are ready to make a change in their life. It’s for those that are ready to say “I am worth it” and are willing to invest in themselves. If you’re looking for a magic pill or quick fix then this is not for you.

What does our ProCoach Nutrition Program entail? It is a 6-month habit based coaching program, powered by the world-class Precision Nutrition ProCoach curriculum. This new and improved program is all online, where you’ll receive daily lessons and habits, can track your progress, and get all the feedback and support you will need from your coach and group. Our group coaching program is for women only. After your first 6 months, you’ll have the option to continue with the program for another 6 months.

Why habits? Why not a meal plan?  Instead of just telling you what to eat, this program will give you the skills and daily habits required to eat well every day, regardless of what life throws at you. This program will make you think about how emotion and habits are affecting your food choices. This program will help you take responsibility for your actions.


Why do I need a coach? Your nutrition coach will provide you with expertise and accountability throughout the program, and will be there to answer your questions and provide you with timely feedback. You will also have one individual phone call and one in-person individual meeting with her each month, as well as several group activities during your six months. You’ll have unlimited email support for nutrition and even support for your training.

What’s the program look like on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis?

Every Day: You’ll log into your homepage for your daily lesson and to review your habit. You’ll also have access to your coach for questions.

Every Week: You’ll measure and record your progress (in different ways).

Every Two Weeks: You’ll get a new habit to practice. You’ll meet with your coach either via phone or in-person.

Every Month: You’ll upload a photo to track your progress.

We’ll also have fun group meetings/social outings that will include grocery store tours, potlucks and more.

When does it start? The next St. Louis nutrition coaching program starts in August 2017.

What’s the investment? The cost for the program is just $119 per month for a 6-month commitment. Payments are auto-charged once per month for 6 months. You’ll also have the opportunity to renew and continue the program for an additional 6 months at this same price.

Do I need to live in the area? You don’t! Since the program is all online you can access it from anywhere, and also arrange meetings with your coach via conference call.

What do I do next? Contact Renah Jones at 314.932.7747 or with any questions or to reserve your spot in the program. Please note that this program is for anyone 18 years or older.

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This program may be for you if you:

Have jumped from diet to diet, but have never really found something that sticks.

You are working out at least 3 – 4 days per week consistently and not making progress towards your fat loss goals.

Are ready to make a long-term commitment to developing healthy habits for good, lose fat and live without deprivation.

Are ready to make a real change and see progress.

The program kick-off is Sunday, February 12 at 10am.


About your coach: Led by Renah Jones, Dragonfly owner and Precision Nutrition Level 2 Certified. Renah is one of a few Level 2 Precision Nutrition Certified professionals in Missouri and has followed the system for more than ten years. She has been through a 12-month online ProCoach Program as a client, in addition to spending more than two years in Precision Nutrition certification programs. What she loves the most about Precision Nutrition is the approach: it’s sane and simple nutrition for anyone and everyone that also addresses other aspects of life and how that affects our habits.

6-Month Living Lean Curriculum

(Powered by ProCoach)

Weeks 1 -6:  Self-Discovery, Slowing Down, Mindful Eating, Recognizing Hunger

Weeks 7 – 14:  Protein, Veggies, Carbs and Fats

Weeks 15 – 22:  Bringing It All Together, Tracking, Mindset, Sleep

Weeks 23 – 26:  Targeted Recovery, Stress, Review, Looking Ahead

(Option to continue for another 6 months)

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