Nutrition Testimonials



Holly lost 13 pounds and 7 inches during the 3 month Living Lean Program, but what she gained was even better…confidence, a different mindset AND more energy!  Holly changed her thinking for success: “I have to say my expectations for myself have greatly changed since starting this program. When I originally signed up I kept telling myself it is 3 months and I can do anything for 3 months. I think that is where I failed in the past with other programs. I always had a goal in mind and when I got there I quit, or if I hit a plateau and change didn’t happen for a while – I would quit. Now I know this goes well beyond 3 months: It’s a lifestyle, train like there’s no finish line.”



Amy signed up for individual nutrition coaching for two months and had great results – losing 15 pounds and 8 inches!  She says “Renah’s support was amazing!  I never toot my own horn (just ask Renah), but I think you can see the results even better in person. 🙂  If anyone is considering the nutrition coaching, I strongly recommend it.”

What did she do? She started cooking more and being more aware of what/why she was eating. She’s definitely added more protein and veggies, too. She’s also planning more for social outings, but without deprivation. In addition, Amy is very consistent in getting in here to train 4-5x per week!

Best comment ever: “I’m not miserable.” LOL That was followed by…”am I doing it right?” What Amy is learning is that she can enjoy life and reach her goals. You don’t have to be super restrictive or detox or cut out entire food groups (only foods that make you feel bad). You don’t have to do crazy diets to see results.



Vicky started nutrition coaching to enhance her workouts.  After two months she said, “I’ve really enjoyed this process and totally am happy with my numbers. My recovery is SO much better, which was a large part of my goal. Seeing in print where I was sabotaging myself was good for me and I’m going to keep that going.  I can’t thank you enough for all you do towards my health and fitness. The way you’re willing to listen, give good feedback and hold me accountable for MY choices is awesome. You and Dragonfly are such light in the life of ALL these women at your studio. What’s the saying?? Everyone has the power to change their world, to be a hero, to turn on a lamp in a dark room. I think you do that for many women.”


Hear what Michele had to say about her 3 month journey!