Our Mission & Core Values

Our Purpose

We believe that when you feel good, you do good – making the world a better place. That’s why our purpose is to empower women to recognize and appreciate all their strengths and capabilities, raising the bar to live their best life and raising the bar to help others do the same.


Core Values

Keep It Simple.

We won’t try to impress you with fancy words and things that aren’t really important to you. Our training and our philosophy is simple and straightforward. Life is complicated enough.

Honesty Is The Only Policy.

It takes a strong person to be honest and do the right thing. And we expect that without exception. Sure, we’re pretty flexible — but not on this one. We can’t change our world together if we can’t be honest with one another.

Pursue Growth.

We commit to learning and growing to be the very best we can be in the industry. We recognize where we can be better even when it may be tough. We make mistakes, but we learn to solve problems. We get out of our comfort zone in order to grow. We pursue growth daily because that’s where success lives.

Change Lives.

We see each interaction as an opportunity to make a lasting difference in someone’s life. We choose our actions and words wisely. We come from a place of understanding and encouragement. We’re true to our purpose because we believe we have important work to do.

Stand Out.

We’ll do things our way. Follow our hearts. Act from our souls. We’ll be the change we want to see in the world. Maybe we aren’t like every other fitness studio after all, and we’re okay with that.

Take Responsibility.

We will take responsibility for our actions, or lack thereof. We will expect others to do the same. We will make things happen. That’s always our job. Great change only occurs when we accept no excuses.

To Give Is To Live.

Giving is not only for the big business or the super wealthy. Giving is for everyone, whether it is giving of ourselves, our time, our knowledge, or our money. Giving is our special way of being grateful. To give is to live, and it makes life all the better.

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