Our Mission & Core Values

Our Mission:
To empower women to be strong, confident, and healthy so they can live their best life.


We will show kindness to each and every person that walks through our doors, regardless of their ability, fitness level, age or attitude. We will lead by example and encourage our members to do the same, creating a strong, supportive community.


We are committed to a culture of integrity, always doing what is right for our members and our team.

Making a Difference & Giving Back

We see each interaction as an opportunity to make someone’s day, and we understand that we have the opportunity to make a lasting difference in other’s lives. We are committed to being a positive force in our community through support of our members and by giving back and providing help when needed.

Education & Empowerment

We will strive to continue learning so we can be our best, and will use that same philosophy to empower and educate our members on fitness, nutrition and overall wellness.