May Member of the Month: “My favorite part is learning how much I can lift”

By May 9, 2018blog

Congratulations to our May Member of the Month, Tracy! The coaches here at Dragonfly say Tracy is always great to have in class because she works so hard every single time.

Coach Renah says, “She has a quiet determination about her that I love.” She comes in, gets going, and simply gets it done. Some days, that’s just the kind of inspiration the rest of us need!

We asked Tracy about her training, and this is what she had to say:

How long have you been strength training?

I have only been strength training since being a Dragonfly member. When I worked out before, I used light-weight dumbbells sometimes, but I never knew how to lift weights on my own. My favorite part of being at Dragonfly is learning how much I can lift and the correct way to do it — I love deadlifts now!

What’s your favorite exercise or equipment to use?

I like the surf and turf surfboards. It’s been a while since I did one of those classes, but my core burns the most after that class!

What has been your most memorable personal record or accomplishment so far?

The day I did two pull-ups and the whole class cheered was probably my proudest moment at Dragonfly. I was so surprised I could do them and more surprised by everyone’s reaction!

What would you say to other ladies who might be nervous to start strength training?

Weight lifting is way more fun than I thought it would be! I was apprehensive to go to Lift classes at first, I thought they would be too difficult and thought I wouldn’t enjoy them as much as cardio workouts. I really love keeping track of how much weight I am using and the progress I have made in the past year and half at Dragonfly. I am also way worn out after strength training, more than I expected. I would recommend strength training classes to anyone who’s never done them.

Bonus: What’s your favorite type of music or specific songs to work out to?

I always love the 90s jams and boy bands songs 🙂 I apologize if you’ve ever had to listen to my singing!


We’ve made a note to play more N*Sync, Tracy! 😉 Thanks so much for being a part of Dragonfly!

Dragonfly’s Member of the Month is selected by our coaches and receives free Skoop and Rx Bar products, as well as $50 toward their membership!

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