March Member of the Month: “I’m Starting to Love New Challenges in ALL Areas of Life”

By April 6, 2017blog

Congrats to our fabulous March Member of the Month…Kari! Our trainers are continually impressed with Kari’s positive attitude, support for others, and perseverance. Trainer Deb says Kari is the perfect model of DFT’s fitness mission, always challenging herself while cheering on her fellow Dragonflies, and owner Renah notes that Kari is always smiling—as anyone who’s been in class with her knows!

We talked to Kari about her fitness goals, and here’s what she had to say…

What’s your favorite exercise/equipment to use?

This is a difficult question because one of my favorite things about DFT is the fact that we rotate through so many awesome exercises. I love variety and not needing to plan my workouts—I just show up, and there’s something awesome happening! That said, I really love kettlebell work because it’s dynamic and challenges me to work on my form, and TRX moves because they really have helped strengthen my core.

Most memorable PR or fitness goal you are work toward?

On Sunday, I’ll be running my first half marathon thanks to Deb and the 13.FUN! program. I am so excited!

What would you say to other ladies who might be nervous to start strength training?

I was nervous to start because I didn’t know what I was doing. However, the trainers are so wonderful at meeting you where you are, teaching you correct form, and adapting exercises to fit your needs. I feel SO STRONG now. I have never felt or looked like this before, even when I was at this same weight in the past! Plus, it is awesome to be able to carry heavy things by myself and not have to wait to ask other people for help!

The best thing about strength training, though, is that it also has strengthened me mentally. I’m starting to really love new challenges in all areas of life (work, etc.). I have been doing lots of new things—I even started a book club a few months ago! Who the heck am I?!

Extra: What’s your favorite type of music/specific songs to workout to?

Anything upbeat! My favorite is during special seasonal workouts when the trainers make a playlist that fits the occasion. So fun!

Dragonfly’s Member of the Month is selected by our trainers and receives free Skoop and Rx Bar products, as well as $50 towards their membership!

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