Ladies, get STRONG with the kettlebell! Come and train with us at Dragonfly Fitness!

Kettlebell classes are led by Dragonfly owner Renah, a StrongFirst Level 2 Certified Instructor.

The kettlebell is a powerhouse fitness tool that increases your strength while working your full body, effectively bridging the gap between cardio and strength training. Classes will focus on technique first, and strength second. Learn and perfect movements such as the swing, clean, squat, get-up, strict press, windmill, push press, jerk and snatch. (We’ll also occasionally add in bodyweight and barbell movements.)

You’ll be given options for your training sessions based upon your ability to perform movements safely and correctly. Flat training shoes or no shoes is best for this type of training. No experience necessary!

These 50-minute classes are open to members, non-members, and ClassPass users, and are held at Dragonfly’s Hampton Avenue studio. You must be interested in learning proper technique.


Please check back soon for class updates!