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One great way to build stamina and get a great workout in is BAM: Boxing and Martial Arts. But to get started, you really need to understand the movements at the core of BAM. I’m here to break down the basics for you so you can get a feel for what BAM movements look and feel like!

At the most basic level, punches are a synergy between what the lower and upper body are doing. A quick and powerful punch starts at the floor, working its way through the ball of the foot, through the calf, thigh, hip, abs/obliques, shoulder, triceps, forearm, wrist, and finally the knuckles or the fist.

Who knew a punch used so many parts of the body?! It’s true! When the whole body works together with quality technique, the result is speed and power, while minimizing potential injury.

Need to Punch Something?All of this synergy begins in your fighting stance. I teach my students to begin by standing with their feet should-width apart and then sliding their left or right foot back (in line with their opposite heel), depending on which lead I ask them to train in. Most people train with their left foot forward, allowing their stronger leg and arm to be further away from their target and letting them derive more power from their back leg and push that power out through their stronger rear arm. However, I ask my students to train in both leads, so that they can defend themselves under any circumstances both inside and outside of the studio.

There are many different strikes used in BAM, but two of the most common are jabs and crosses. Here’s a bit of info about each of those:


The jab is a punch thrown as a quick, stunning technique from the lead hand (whichever hand is closest to the target). The jab is most often thrown to the front of the face, targeting the nose, mouth, and eyes of the opponent, but also sometimes directly below the lowest rib of the opponent, below the sternum by a few inches, and above the belly button by a few inches.


The cross is a powerful, knockout punch thrown from the rear hand (whichever is farthest from the opponent). This rear hand is most often—unless an instructor trains in both leads—the striker’s dominant hand. The targets for the cross are identical to those of the jab: the front of the face or just below the lowest rib.

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Joe Switzer
Dragonfly Boxing and Martial Arts Instructor



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