Do you find yourself struggling with a gym membership because you aren’t sure what to do with the weights, or you get bored and aren’t sure how to mix it up? Or maybe you’ve tried large boot-camp classes and enjoy the camaraderie of the group, but you really don’t get any personal attention and aren’t sure if you’re doing the movements right.

Then our group training membership is perfect for you!

The Dragonfly Approach

Dragonfly’s approach to fitness is centered around the idea that one size does not fit all. Our coaches know every one of our members, because in order for you to reach your personal fitness goals, they need to know exactly how to train you. We track every member’s fitness journey so that we can make sure she’s on the right path. Our group training membership gives you the attention and accountability of personal training, but at group training prices—and with the added motivation of an awesome group of women!

Each month, group training members choose and attend the group sessions that fit their schedule or interests. In these sessions, a Dragonfly coach leads 10-16 members through a total body training workout built around our very own group training model that allows every movement to be scaled to your personal fitness level by one of our caring and expert coaches. All sessions are ladies-only and last approximately 50 minutes.

We have a variety of classes to choose from, and all focus on building strength and confidence. Our system begins with two signature classes developed specifically for women by owner and trainer Renah Jones.

Lift: Dragonfly’s first signature class is all about getting stronger and introducing women to the empowering practice of weight training. Members will learn to master form at their own pace. Core movements include squats, deadlifts, lunges, push-ups, presses, and rows. Classes include mobility, strength session, and stretching. Some classes include a conditioning finisher.

Recommended for new members.

CardioStrong: Our second signature class combines strength training and cardiovascular conditioning. Classes include mobility and a fast-paced cardio strength session, but utilizing lighter weights than Lift class. Some classes include a “cash in” and “cash out.” Recommended for new members.

This one’s designed to make you sweat!

Most of our new members combine regular attendance at one or both of the above classes with some of the other fun options we offer to mix it up! Our trainers can coach you on what classes you should take based on your goals and activities outside of the studio.

To see some of the other unique classes we offer, scroll to the bottom of this page!

Is Group Training Right for You?

Our group training membership works best for those who:

Enjoy the energy of others and work better in a group setting

Love the spirit of camaraderie and community

Want to have your workouts programmed and led by an expert coach

Are committed to showing up, learning, and putting in the work

Are interested in training and learning healthy habits instead of just working out once in a while

If the idea of group training doesn’t appeal to you—or maybe you’re a bit nervous to get started or are recovering from an injury—consider our personal training membership. With personal training, you’ll get one-on-one time with a Dragonfly coach, who can get you started on your fitness journey or help you work out without exacerbating a recent injury. You can always switch to a group training membership later! Check out our personal training membership here.

Group Membership Benefits

From our private Facebook group to members-only events to simply being able to get your training and nutrition problems solved, we are here for you. Our top-notch training and all of the extras that we offer truly set us apart from other gyms. A few of these include:

  • Accountability (weekly check-ins)
  • Towel service and filtered water
  • An easy and flexible online scheduler
  • Monthly member events
  • Anniversary gifts
  • A private Facebook group where members can chat with Dragonfly coaches and other members
  • Free seminars for members on an array of health & fitness topics
  • Special Member Appreciation events
  • Member recognition (Member of the Month awards and End of the Year awards)
  • Monthly measurements and photos done by a Dragonfly coach
  • Workout logs
  • Awesome customer service that gives you access to coaches by email or phone when you’re having difficulty with just about anything
  • We know you, and we treat you like family!

Membership Options

We offer a variety of membership options to fit every client’s needs. We want you to see the results you’ve been dreaming of, so our membership options are designed to set you up for success. Members can choose between:

  • A 3-month commitment, a 6-month commitment, or a 12-month commitment
  • Training 8 times a month, 12 times a month, or an unlimited option

Group membership investments start at $149 per month for a 3-month commitment and $124 per month for a 12-month commitment. Members’ training sessions are not week-based, and can be used at any time throughout the month.

New Member Foundations Classes

Our New Member Foundations Package includes four classes and will provide coaching in a smaller group on movements performed often here at Dragonfly. Our Foundations classes will set you up for success here at Dragonfly!

New members will need to take three of these four classes (all except Mo’ Kettlebell) before beginning our Group Training. The Foundations Package is $49.

Our Foundations Classes includes:

  • Fantastic Four (Learn the basics…squat, hip hinge, push, and pull)
  • Come Out Swingin’ (We’ll break down the kettlebell swing)
  • Go Row (Get familiar with rowing technique)
  • Mo’ Kettlebell (Learn the KB Clean, Windmill and Turkish Get-Up)

Our main three Foundations Classes are typically held during the first full week of the month: Tuesdays & Thursdays at 10am and 730pm, and Saturday at 11am. 

Mo’ Kettlebell is held later in the month.

Get Started! We are now scheduling consultations for next month!

The first step in joining Dragonfly is meeting with one of our expert coaches for a FREE No-Sweat Intro.

We’ll sit down to talk about whether Dragonfly is a good fit for you, and we’ll conduct a short functional movement assessment so that we can tailor our training to you. This is a completely commitment-free visit, and there is no obligation to join. Whether you become a Dragonfly or not, you’ll walk away with some valuable information about your body and your fitness goals.

So what are you waiting for? Schedule your No-Sweat Intro right here!

Other Classes We Offer

TRX Total Body:  Get your sweat on with TRX! A perennial favorite, TRX Total Body is a blast of suspension-based strength and core training combined with cardio drills using bodyweight, medicine balls, and more, to build overall strength, balance, and conditioning.

RowEndurance:  Get ready to row! This class focuses on rowing drills, skills and endurance.

Cardio Boxing:  Knock out stress and burn calories. Our expert instructor will help you develop your strength, power, and speed through striking drills, bodyweight exercises, and more, involving heavy bags and target mitts. No experience necessary.

Hurricanes: This form of metabolic conditioning is based on the Training for Warriors system. Each hurricane consists of 9 short, intense rounds (30-45 seconds or a set number of reps) in a row, typically including two upper body or core exercises and a sprint (running, rowing, or riding the Air Assault bike, depending on the weather), repeated three times. Three total hurricanes are performed during this session.

Complexes:  A complex is any series of movements performed back to back in which the set number of reps (or time) is completed before moving on to the next and the weights used never leave your hands. This class uses a variety of tools—like barbells, kettlebells, dumbbells, and sandbags. Beginners are welcome, and we often have them use bodyweight to perfect the movements before adding weight. Complexes are a short, intense workout!

Yoga Mobility: Dragonfly’s favorite yoga class is designed to optimize your performance in the gym by increasing your mobility and range of motion. Movements will complement the workouts in that week’s Dragonfly signature classes, including a focus on the hips, hamstrings, and shoulders. No experience necessary.

You can explore all the classes offered at Dragonfly by viewing our schedule right here. There’s something for everyone on our group training schedule!