Do you consider yourself a beginner when it comes to strength training?

Maybe you’re stepping outside your comfort zone into something new, or maybe you’re ready to jump back in after some time off. Either way, you’ll find a fun and friendly fit home with our FitStart Training Tribe.

Don’t know squat about a press? Then this program is perfect for you – it is just for beginners!

During this three-week program, you’ll join a group of 4 to 6 women to learn all the basic movements, terms, and equipment used in strength training. The goal at the end of the program? For you to be able to walk into any group class here at Dragonfly or the free weight area at another gym and feel confident!

You will be guided through the 3 weeks by your own personal coach, who will help you chart your journey. You’ll learn proper technique, how to modify or progress movements, and how to transition into your next fitness adventure!

Why join this semi-private group before starting with our group classes or just going it alone?

We understand that if you are a beginner, group classes can be intimidating, no matter how friendly and helpful your instructors may be. We also realize that walking into a gym can be very intimidating all by itself!

This program is designed to give you the personal attention of one-on-one training, along with the camaraderie of the group (who are all beginners)! We highly recommend it for all beginners who intend to join our group classes. You’ll find that you will accelerate much faster in group training after you’ve had semi-private coaching.

FitStart Training Tribe

Check back for 2018 Program Dates!

3-week program, meets 2x per week

Cost: $129

Open to members and non-members.

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Semi-Private Training Tribes

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