6 Habits of Healthy People

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So…what kinds of habits do “healthy” people have? Eating broccoli every day? I’m sure they workout daily, right? Or is it the ole green-smoothie-a-day thing? Hmm … maybe? 🙂 Or maybe it’s more than that. When I talk with clients about being “healthy,” I’m talking about true,…

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New Class: Cardio Boxing! Open to everyone!

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🎉**NEW CLASS ALERT!!**🎉 Join us for our brand-new class, Cardio Boxing, every other Thursday at 7:30 p.m.! This high-intensity workout will focus on keeping your heart rate elevated utilizing boxing movements, strikes, and various bodyweight exercises for a fun, interactive workout! We’ll be using target pads and…

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February Member of the Month: “It’s empowering to see my progression”

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Congratulations to our February Member of the Month, Maggie! The Dragonfly coaches are continually impressed by Maggie’s dedication to giving 100% in each and every class. Coach Missy says Maggie is always stepping outside her comfort zone to try new things, and Coach Renah loves Maggie’s focus on form to keep movements challenging. And everybody…

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