Callus Care Basics

By March 8, 2019 March 9th, 2019 blog

You’ve been working on your pull-ups and deadlifts building strength, character and…wait, what’s that? Calluses! While they may be a testament to all the hard work you’re putting in at the gym and actually helpful sometimes, they can also become a nuisance if not taken care of properly.

Here are some tips from Coach Evie & I on taking care of these battle scars!

–> First and foremost do not rip them off.

–> Coach Evie suggest a good rule of thumb = if you can pinch or pick at the raised edge of your callus, it needs to be tended to.

–> File them down weekly using a pumice stone (Lush at the Galleria sells Coach Evie’s favorite), pedi egg or something similar. It’s better to do it when they are soft so try soaking your hands first, or as soon as you get out of the shower.

–>Coach Evie recommends applying lotion daily. “I find that when my hands are too dry, I am more susceptible to my hands/calluses cracking or, even worse, ripping open. Basic Eucerin lotion seems to keep things in check for me here.” (Just a reminder…hold off on the lotion if you’re headed to the gym and will be swinging a bell. LOL. Trust me.)

–>Before bed, use a salve/balm. There are many good ones, Coach Evie likes Joshua Tree Hand Salve and I like All Good Goop Organic Healing Balm.

–>Also, if your calluses are bugging you while you are in class ask your coach about your grip. Your grip could be a little off on certain movements and could be aggravating your calluses.