Beginner Training

Learn-Lift-Love (L3) Beginner Strength Training Workshop


Our new Learn-Lift-Love Beginner Strength Training Workshop is the perfect environment for a beginner that wants to learn how to lift and perform strength training exercises with other beginners! Absolutely no experience is necessary, as everyone will be starting at the same place. You don’t need to be fit or knowledgeable to get started, you just need to be willing to do your best to learn and try. That’s how we approach it with our members in all of our group and personal training. That’s why we exist and that’s why we also offer a beginner strength training program. We’re all about learning and getting stronger!

This workshop takes a personal training approach and will ensure that each participant is working appropriately to their level.  Participants will learn proper form and progressions for:






Kettlebell Swings

There are just 20 spots available and we’ll have plenty of time for breaks, practice, and questions! You’ll have two Dragonfly coaches to help you along the way!  We’re all about learning and getting stronger!

Cost is $59 per person and includes the 3-hour workshop, goody bags with snacks, and 4 group training sessions good through December 31.

Saturday, December 3

9am – Noon


Cost: $59.  Includes workshop, goody bag and 4 group sessions good through December 31.


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Questions: Contact Missy at 314.932.7747,

Feedback from past L3 Participants

I think women my age [in their 50s] feel intimated because they don't understand that it is a learning experience and you don't have to know exercises or have to be in excellent shape to participate. You were so good about teaching to where we understood and also good about giving one on one time.


I was really concerned with my form because of a previous injury. I thought the pace and small group was good for insuring that I learned proper form.


I really liked the emphasis on form over how much weight we lift, especially while learning.


...I am able to walk short distances without assistance thanks to the ladies at Dragonfly Fitness. I became disabled at age 48, ten years ago. I spent most of my time in bed. Four years ago I got up and started walking with a cane. Two years ago I moved to St. Louis, using a walking stick for balance. My fiancé noticed Dragonfly Fitness one morning on his way to work. I have been to numerous physical therapists and tried several gyms. It was fruitless. I could not get to where I wanted to be. I thought 'why would this place be any different.' I really doubted this program would be any different from all the others, but it was. They took my issues into consideration and provided alternative moves for me. It worked. I was able to do a workout without negative results. I am still limited to a point, but I feel so much stronger...mentally as well as physically. So thank you Renah, Missy and Deb for giving me a big part of my life back.


I saw this and thought it would be something I could do all the way through and wouldn’t feel intimidated because everyone would be starting in the same place. I didn’t feel dumb when I didn’t know how to do something because someone else usually felt that way too."