April Member of the Month: “I really just want to be healthy and strong”

By May 3, 2017blog

Congrats to our April Member of the Month: Chris! Our coaches have so much praise for Chris’s dedication and great attitude, and are extremely proud of the commitment she’s made to her health.

Coach Missy says she never gets any excuses from Chris, who gives 100% every time she’s in the studio. Not only does she work hard, Renah says Chris is also persistent in learning great form and technique. Now that’s what we call dedication!

We talked to Chris about her fitness goals and motivations. See what she had to say below!

What’s your favorite exercise/equipment to use?

TRX is my favorite!

Most memorable PR or fitness goal you are working toward?

I really just want to be healthy and strong. I have watched family members age and the ones that are the healthiest are the ones who are most active.

What would you say to other ladies who might be nervous to start strength training?

Don’t be! The trainers at DFT will meet you where you are. All exercises can be modified, and the trainers really pay attention to you as an individual and offer suggestions based on what they see.

Extra: What’s your favorite type of music/specific songs to work out to?

Old-school rap!

Dragonfly’s Member of the Month is selected by our trainers and receives free Skoop and Rx Bar products, as well as $50 towards their membership!

If you’re ready to realize your strength, find out more about our women’s fitness studio at DFT-STL.com. Drop us a line through the contact form, and one of our awesome trainers will be in touch to learn about your personal fitness goals!