5 Things You Don’t Know About Your Personal Trainer

By March 1, 2018blog

Think you know everything about your trainer?

Think we only eat protein and veggies and JUST CAN’T WAIT to work out? Think we shun beer and wine and fried foods?

Think all trainers exist just to make you SUFFER?! (Mwuahaha!)

I’m here to tell you… You better think again! Today, I wanted to share a few things about your trainer that you don’t know — or expect! Let’s just say some of us are leading a secret life! Check it out:

1. I don’t always want to work out.

Sometimes I have to make myself work out, and sometimes I skip it all together. I’ve taken an entire week off before. Can you believe that?!

It’s true. Just because I’m a trainer (and own a gym, for crying out loud!) does not mean I’m always motivated to work out. There are days when I just don’t wanna! But I get in and get it done. Of course, there are days when I change course and do a short workout instead of the longer one I had planned. And there are days when I decide to skip it for one reason or another.

I also take time off. Much like you, my life gets crazy, I get stressed, and sometimes I just need a break. What helps is that I’m committed to this as a lifestyle. One bump in the road does not mean I’m headed downhill forever. Sometimes it ebbs and flows like everything else.

2. I love pizza and wine and sweets, oh my!

Duh. Because they’re delicious! You think trainers aren’t allowed to enjoy these things?

I promise you, trainers don’t eat perfect. And to be honest, that’s not really my goal. In my nutrition coaching, I help clients figure out how to create a healthy lifestyle that is not full of rules and foods they can’t ever have. That’s no fun. (Oh my gosh, I’m a nutrition coach, too, and here I am telling you your love for pizza is okay?!)

In short: Yes. So please do not make a scene if you see me or any of your trainers out enjoying a drink or — heaven forbid — a piece of cake! I definitely enjoy the foods I love, but I’ve learned to do it with some mindfulness and planning.

3. I love what I do, but some days are rough (just like yours) and I try really hard not to let it show.

On bad days, I still have to show up. I call this flexing my mental muscle.

Of course I’ve had days where I’ve wanted nothing more than to be able to go cry in a corner or just take a day off, but I had to get it together and coach classes or nutrition for the next, oh, four hours. And I try really, really hard for my sadness, anger, disappointment, stress — or whatever it may be — to not show up during your session. Clients may cancel because of these things, but trainers cannot. And it’s hard sometimes.

There have probably been many times when you had no idea that your trainer is having a bad day, but I hope you’ll understand we’re doing our absolute best to help you have a great session with us. I want nothing more than that!

(Cue up tiny violin: If your trainer is also the business owner, more often than not, once the doors close for the day, that person’s work continues well into the night. And that just might make them really tired sometimes!)

I love what I do; if I didn’t, I would have never lasted this long. I’m human, though — I have bad days too. But it’s pretty spectacular to be surrounded by a community of women that lifts me up when I need it most! I’m so grateful for that!

4. I feel like a proud parent when you get a “first” or rise up!

Yes, I do! I talk about it, too!

Like a proud parent, your success is my success. And what I mean by that is when clients achieve and do things they never thought possible, well, I’m just so proud! It feels like a success for me. In fact, it’s just as exciting to see you achieve as it is when I achieve something myself. I also get super excited when you get a movement correct that you’ve been struggling with, or when you try something new and discover it’s not so scary after all!

That’s because we truly do get to know our members. And I’ll be honest, sometimes we have to carry the burden of knowing how much someone is struggling or about sad things happening in someone’s life. But we do it because we care. We share that worry as a team and do our best to help our members stay with their fitness goals no matter what is going on in life.

So, to see them achieve and come out of that stronger than ever — it brings a tear to your eye and a fire to your soul!

5. I’m not judging you.

No, seriously. I’m really not. I don’t need a full confessional the first time we meet about the cheeseburger you just ate and how you haven’t worked out in ten years.

This happens a lot. I meet someone (maybe a new neighbor, a friend of a friend, or the freaking plumber), and it’s suddenly a full-on confessional. It can be awkward, but luckily, I have a sense of humor. Still, I’m not going to lie: I sometimes dread the moment of “So, what do you do?”

Now, I absolutely love talking fitness and nutrition. You know that! And I love teaching people new things (that’s actually my favorite). However, I don’t normally bring it up with people I’ve just met. And I definitely don’t judge you — so there’s no need to hide your beer. Seriously. I can see it behind your back there.

And when you remember that judging just isn’t my style, remember that I don’t want to be judged, either!

Fitness is a journey, and we’re all on this road together! Yes, even your personal trainer!