5 Lessons from a Nutrition + Fitness Reset

By March 22, 2018blog

As you may know, last week was our free 5-Day Reset! About 150 women participated, and the week was full of inspiring activity and women supporting each other. The participants were asked to follow our nutrition guidelines and were provided with three workouts to complete. At the end of the week, we asked them how it went!

Here are some of the lessons they shared with us:

1) Meal prep works.

We suggested that the Reset participants use the weekend before the Reset started to make a list of everything they needed for meals for the week, go grocery shopping, and prep as many meals as possible before the week even started.

For some people, this was standard procedure. But for a lot of participants, this was their first attempt at meal planning!

Kimberly U. said, “Meal planning and prepping have made it easier for me to practice healthy eating habits.”

Dragonfly member and Reset participant Marge said: “Meal prepping helped, but the most help was my meal planning. Made me stay on track. Even ate out once this week and made good choices. This will be my new change now that I see that it works. I will continue to prep and plan my meals accordingly!”

And Toni said, “I have learned that prepping is key. Today when my husband brought McDonalds home for our 2 grandkids, my veggies and beef patty that I made yesterday tasted delicious. Those French fries didn’t even tempt me.”

We’re pretty excited to have introduced so many ladies to such an easy way to stay on track with nutrition goals! If you want to get started with meal prep, check out this video by Dragonfly owner Renah Jones!


2) Protein is magical.

A big part of the Reset was making sure you got enough protein at each meal. Protein is an important building block for so many systems in your body, and it’s known to keep you feeling fuller longer. This is great for preventing that snacking habit! But there are other benefits, too:

“I found having more protein at breakfast helps me to be more energetic,” Marge told us.

Deanna S. said: “I’ve upped my protein intake, which has helped me feel less hungry throughout the day.”

Marge when on to say: “I tell myself this isn’t a diet, but a life change. If I were sick, I would have to change things, so why not change these things permanently for my health!”

3) I’m stronger than I thought.

The Reset also included three strength workouts each participant was asked to complete. Our members were of course used to this kind of workout, but other participants were surprised by their experiences with strength training.

Jessica M. said: “The modifications for the movements were super helpful to keep me going! I didn’t know I had the stamina or the flexibility to do a lot of what I did yesterday!”

And Mary L. said, “I feel lighter and muscles are a little tender so my workouts are working. Love it.”

And Dragonfly member Allison noticed a connection between the Reset and her regular DFT workouts. As she said, “I have felt sooo much more full this week and not needing to snack as much. And my workouts have all felt really strong!!!

But strength appeared in other ways, too. Like Dragonfly Angie said:

“I’ve learned I have more willpower than I thought!”

4) Sugar doesn’t own me.

Another part of the Reset was avoiding added sugar. This can be way more difficult than you think when you start peeking at those food labels. As Deanna said, “I’ve learned I eat way more sugar than I think I do.”

But once participants started consciously avoiding sugar, the effects were surprising.

One participant said: “For as stressed, busy, and PMSy as I have been, I haven’t turned to bad foods as a relief. I have an emergency chocolate stash in my desk and I haven’t touched it.”

And three participants listed these as lessons they learned during the Reset:

“I can sashay right by a yummy-looking cookie!”

“[I’ve learned] that I can survive without candy.”

“I have been able to walk by the bowl of candy every day without grabbing one.”

This meant some routine changes for some people. Amy P. reported: “Fewer cravings, no trips to Starbucks or the vending machines (those last 2 are the biggest wins so far!)”

5) Weight loss isn’t the only benefit.

Okay, so we’d be lying if we said participants weren’t pumped about their weight loss. Here are just a few reports:

“Lost 4 lbs. Yeah!!!”

“I lost 1.5 lbs. Lost 2.5 inches. Whoo whoo!”

“I am thrilled to report a 4 lb loss this week, and encouraged that I can do this!!!👏 🙌 💪”

“I am down 3 lbs but thought — this couldn’t be right. And I didn’t even think about getting out the measuring tape till I read some of the other posts. Down 1 1/2 inches. Now I just need to keep it up.”

 But weight loss wasn’t the only effect people noticed. Some other reported side effects of the Reset were the following:

“Feeling less bloated and sleeping better too!”

“I feel I have more energy, and I am not getting the afternoon lag.”

“Love having extra energy!”

And perhaps our favorite…

“My mood has been freaking awesome! I feel myself smiling more!! I didn’t expect that!”


We are so thrilled with all the takeaways women shared from the 5-Day Reset, and we hope you’ll join us the next time we host a challenge! Keep up to date with our programs and challenges by signing up for our Monday inspiration newsletter RIGHT HERE.