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March 3, 2017

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March 2, 2017

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March 1, 2017

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We aren’t here to count your reps. We’re here to help you get better and to teach you how to move for optimal health. Our sessions focus on proper form to ensure that members are training according to their abilities. We’re here to provide the support to help you build a strong foundation, to challenge your body and mind and to reach your fitness and nutrition goals.


Our community consists of women of all ages, shapes, sizes and training backgrounds. And we believe in meeting each one of them right where they are. Our sessions focus on proper form to ensure that everyone is training according to their abilities. We provide personalized options even during our group training sessions to build a strong foundation and to challenge body and mind because we don’t believe in a one size fits all approach.


We have always strived to be much more than just a gym or a workout. Our trainers and staff know every member’s name. Our members know each other. We cheer each other on and we hold each other accountable. You aren’t just joining another gym when you join us, you are joining an amazing group of strong women that are invested in your success.


Even though we are a small studio, we offer a variety of programs, classes and times to fit your needs with everything from Olympic Weightlifting to Beginner Yoga. We are always re-evaluating our programming to serve our members better.


Commitment and consistency are necessary for results. Dragonfly Fitness & Training is results-oriented and committed to each member’s success by providing a variety of training programs, accountability, nutrition coaching, and progress assessments.  We work very hard to ensure that your training experience is as personal as possible, and that we are providing the very best group and personal fitness coaching.


Simply put, we care about all of our members. We are a small, locally-owned business with a genuine interest in our members and our community. We understand that we have the opportunity to make a lasting difference in others lives and we don’t take that lightly.

How to Join


Request a free consultation here or call 314.932.7747 to schedule one.  We will review your goals, explain our training programs, and conduct a short functional movement assessment suitable for all fitness levels. It’s a great time for you to ask questions and to decide if Dragonfly Fitness is a good fit for you! There’s no pressure at all to join during this time. We simply feel that the consultation is a very important step to ensuring a great start if you decide to join our training program! (Please note that we do not schedule consultations via email.) 


If you decide that we are a good fit for you, we will take care of your paperwork and get you set up during your consultation so you can get started! Every new member must complete our Foundations class before joining our Group Training. The Foundations class is included in your membership. You’ll learn the basics (squat, hip hinge, push, and pull) in a fun, friendly and small group environment. Foundations classes are typically every Saturday at 11am. (Guests may also join us for our Foundations class for $20. Max of 5.) 


All of our scheduling is done online and our memberships allow you to sign up for classes at days and times that work best for you. We offer a variety of classes and many are capped at 14 so you get the personal attention that you deserve. Our trainers will meet you right where you are, offering modifications and progressions for every level.


When Dragonfly Fitness was created, the founder Renah saw a need for a training option that gave women the opportunity to try new things and to push themselves in a welcoming and comfortable environment. She saw that, unfortunately, many women don’t get ever get started working out because they feel they are not in good enough shape or that they don’t know enough. This is partly the fault of the fitness industry, and we are here to help change that!

Renah wanted to create a space where all women interested in strength training are welcome, regardless of age or ability. A space where women who may have once been intimidated or afraid of lifting a barbell, deadlifting a heavy weight, or hanging from the bar are now celebrating these accomplishments! A space where women come to learn, grow and give it their all – without worrying what others think. The Dragonfly Fitness & Training philosophy started with outdoor bootcamps, and after a year moved into the current studio location for the love of lifting: deadlifts, front squats, overhead presses, pull-ups, and kettlebell everything! We’ve discovered that so many women have benefited from our community and the support of all of the other women!

While we welcome all fitness levels, it’s important to note that the programs we offer aren’t a “light” version of strength training by any means. Our training programs work for seasoned athletes to beginners simply because we have talented and caring coaches that help each individual scale to her needs. Good form, good technique, and working to individual ability is taught and reinforced each class. And we are constantly working to improve our programming.

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